D’Perspectivas Siglo XXI

Vol. 9, Núm. 18, Year 2022


The current number includes works that address a wide spectrum of elements related to education, from curricular, technological and psychological components to marketing.

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Portada Artículo 3 de la Revista

Entry profile of the student of the Degree in Gerontology

María del Carmen García Reyes, Esmeralda De Jesús Rojas, Luisa Stefania Zamora Fonseca, Azucena Paola González González y Pablo Jiménez Martínez

DOI: http://doi.org/10.53436/D1M7P4A3

The challenge that higher education currently presents is to influence the academic problems that are mainly developed in the first year of the degree, derived from the fact that this cycle is characterized by failure, school backwardness, desertion and low terminal efficiency. These processes are triggered or influenced by…

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Portada Artículo 4 de la Revista

Some lessons about the role of teachers in Chinese university education

Pamela Guadalupe Gómez Mendoza y Mario Alberto Cuéllar Romero

DOI: http://doi.org/10.53436/A3P4M7D1

University teachers are facing a great challenge due to the arrival of some tools and the consolidation of others such as ICTs. China, in particular, has experienced great economic advances that have driven its geopolitical agenda, and it is a good example to see some practices that are experienced daily in different latitudes…