Publishing Types

For its edition, D´Perspectivas Siglo XXI accepts research articles, essays, reviews, review articles and works on intervention in Spanish and English. Manuscripts must be original, unpublished and, if derived from a broader research (thesis, book) must be declared in the introduction of the same.

Arbitration System

Once D´Perspectivas Siglo XXI receives the submitted manuscript, sends the acknowledgment of receipt to the authors with a letter of “Reception of article” in which it is informed if: a) The work has been sent correctly (in case of fully complying with the criteria formal, in addition to exempting an anti-plagiarism analysis), b) The document was not sent correctly (otherwise). In the first case, it will notify that the editorial committee turns it over to the evaluation process of "double-blind" peers (experts external to the author's affiliation) that will last between thirty and ninety days natural to from the receipt thereof.

At the end of the arbitraje process and in agreement with the obtained votes (two out of two or two aout of three) it is notified to the author the resolution that the editorial team takes about the writing, which could be:

  • Publishable without modifications
  • Resend it for revision
  • Publishable with modifications
  • Non publishable

To this is appended a general resolution with observations that are open to consideration from the author, with the condition that the modifications non taken in account are justified.

The author is compromised to return the article to the editorial with the relevant corrections and changes within the assigned term.

If necessary, the work is sent to the reviewers who have commissioned it for the definitive approving vote; when this happens, the manuscript is assigned to the production and publishing process.

The previously mentioned protocol, from the acknowledgment of receipt to the digital publishing of the magazine, has an approximated term of 120 natural days.

At the end, for its divulgation, the authors of the accepted manuscripts must sign the “Publication authorization”, with it is appended in PDF format the layout proof from the text and with style correction, at this point only minimum corrections can be done to the manuscript.

Plagiarism detection

The originals sent to D’Perspectivas Siglo XXI, are submitted, as part of the postulation process, to a detection plagiarism analysis, with the Ouriginal system. It shows a detailed exam and the similarity percentage with other repository documents, free editors, magazines, among other academic texts.

Code of ethics

The magazine D’ Perspectivas Siglo XXI is sticked to the Code of ethics assumed by the Publications Committee of Ethics (COPE), so as to those own by the Mexican legal framework or the country in which the study had been done.

Open access and reuse

The magazine D’ Perspectivas Siglo XXI is an open access publication.

  • The access is open, public and free of charge in all its contents.
  • The authors will be able to do other agreements non exclusive for the self-archiving, deposit or distribution from the published version in the magazine, for example, include it in institutional repositories, domestic or international or personal web, and clearly indicating that the document was published for the first time in D’ Perspectivas Siglo XXI, and including in the quote the DOI (Digital Object Identifier) of the article.
  • We declare that the magazine D’ Perspectivas Siglo XXI doesn´t apply any charge to the authors for the shipping, prosecution or articles publication.

The editions of this magazine are published under the Atribución-NoComercial- CompartirIgual 4.0 Internacional (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) of Creative Commons licence.

Licencia Creative Commons
This work is under a Licencia Creative Commons Atribución-NoComercial-CompartirIgual 4.0 Internacional.


The magazine D’Perspectivas Siglo XXI counts with the following digital preservation means:

  • Short term biannual storage in external hard drives.
  • For long term the content is kept in the magazine account from the Campus Siglo XXI domain.
  • Also, as a measure for long term, all the catalogue is kept in a repository hosted in the same web site of the magazine with restricted access. Location: https://www.dperspectivas.mx/repositorio/. In the same way, the updatings are biannual.