Portada Pamela Guadalupe Gómez Mendoza y Mario Alberto Cuéllar Romero 28/09/2022 DOI: http://doi.org/10.53436/A3P4M7D1 PDF HTML

Some lessons about the role of teachers in Chinese university education


University teachers are facing a great challenge due to the arrival of some tools and the consolidation of others such as ICTs. China, in particular, has experienced great economic advances that have driven its geopolitical agenda, and it is a good example to see some practices that are experienced daily in different latitudes, but in an exponential way, and take lessons from it from different angles. either from very specific situations such as the emergency of COVID-19, to other more long-term ones such as distance education and other quasi-philosophical ones such as the very concept of the classroom, in a framework of continuous need for innovation and adaptation. Likewise, it is important to know to what extent this progress has been transferred to a level of educational excellence, especially university education, in order to have a clearer perspective on whether the Asian nation will have enough elements to fulfill its geopolitical ambitions of becoming a world power. In this text, those factors are analyzed, especially public policies that allow us to foresee a settlement in the elite of world higher education and which factors still represent challenges that must be solved, as well as those that due to their nature will be more complicated to change the paradigm in the world. that are currently found.

Keywords: Education, Universities, China, Teacher.