Portada Nadxiely María del Carmen Vázquez Sánchez 28/09/2022 DOI: http://doi.org/10.53436/M7P4D1A3 PDF HTML

The curriculum in the Digital age during the COVID-19 pandemic


The knowledge and information society has the need to maintain an attitude of continuous learning, but human nature itself also promotes it, changing the way in which we learn. However, in each era, the available communication and information exchange technologies have played a determining role in the ways of researching, teaching and learning. This essay aims to reflect on the importance of educational innovation in Mexico and the consequent impact on current paradigms that allow new visions that must be integrated into the classroom. The relationship between two concepts of recurrent use in education is reviewed: curriculum and educational reforms; from this, key points linked to the professional development of teachers are observed. Given that it is a complex issue and with several edges, the relevance of educational innovations in and for curricular projects is raised, what has happened since the COVID-19 pandemic is central, where if something appears clear in this convulsive time it is the affirmation and decisive deployment of technologies in personal and social life, since they are not only transforming educational models and strategies, but also changing the way of working, having fun and interacting. Finally, some reflections on the implementation of educational innovations are exposed and some indicative conclusions are pointed out as a final reflection.

Keywords: Curriculum, Educational Reforms and Educational Innovation.