Focus and Scope of the magazine

D'Perspectivas Siglo XXI is a specialized digital publication in education, published since 2014 by Campus Siglo XXI University, non-profit. Has ISSN (2448-6566) and an external peer review process blind to postulated manuscripts, so an original is accepted if it has two or two of three approving votes.

The journal starts and defines itself on the guideline of be a space that disseminates research on education from a multidisciplinary approach. Its thematic axes of magazine are education and pedagogy, understand the diversity of its resources, technologies and new languages, without neglecting issues related to disabilities, minorities, media communication, academic communities, etc. In this way, the lines of research that are understood are: philosophy, pedagogy, sociology, anthropology, health sciences, science environmental, law and all that goes through problems, new approaches and challenges of education. Without this last variant, the job cannot apply. In case the texts are not fit the theme or structure requested, the Board Editorial will reject the work with the option of return.

It is addressed to students, professors and researchers interested in the analysis of the current scenario of education, with which they can nurture their own work or the course of their actions in that area

For its publication D´Perspectivas accepts articles, essays and original reviews, review articles, and papers on educational intervention or assessment in Spanish and English. All must be unpublished and should not be sent simultaneously to other journals for their consideration.

D´Perspectivas Siglo XXI receives writings through all the year.

Editorial Team

Eduardo Pérez Archundia

Instituto Superior de Ciencias de la Educación del Estado de México
Estado de México, México
Director editorial
ORCID: 0000-0003-2685-7347

Sonia Yadira Águila Camacho

Campus Universitario Siglo XXI
Estado de México, México
Jefa de edición

Andrés Carbajal Bourgeois

Campus Universitario Siglo XXI
Estado de México, México

Editorial Commitee

Eduwiges Zarza Arizmendi

Campus Universitario Siglo XXI
Estado de México, México

Alfredo Gordillo González

Campus Universitario Siglo XXI
Estado de México, México

Ricardo Rodríguez Marcial

Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México
Facultad de Economía
Estado de México, México

Editorial Board

Jenry Salazar Garcés

Instituto de Investigación y Formación Profesional Luminus Dei
Lima, Perú

Paloma Valdivia Vizarreta

Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona
Barcelona, España

Julio Juan Villalobos Colunga

Instituto Superior de Ciencias de la Educación del Estado de México
Estado de México, México

Nelly Rosa Caro Luján

El Colegio Mexiquense A.C
Estado de México, México

José Miguel Hernández Mansilla

Centro San Rafael-Nebrija de Ciencias de la Salud

Josefina García González

Editorial Santillana
Ciudad de México, México

María Leticia Galeana Reyes

Universidad INACE
Ciudad de México, México

Mónica Ivonnee Córdoba Camargo

Universidad Albert Einstein
Estado de México, México

Xiomara Rodríguez Mondragón

Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México
Estado de México, México

Gabriel José Horta Baas

Hospital General Regional Número 1 “Lic. Ignacio García Téllez”
Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social
Yucatán, México

Jhony A. De la Cruz Vargas

Instituto de Investigación en Ciencias Biomédicas
Universidad Ricardo Palma
Lima, Perú

Álvaro José Montiel Jarquín

Centro Médico Nacional Manuel Ávila Camacho
Puebla, México

Publishing Frequency

D´Perspectivas Siglo XXI publishes two issues a year (January-June and July-December), five manuscripts are included in each edition.

Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses entered in This magazine will be used exclusively for the purposes established in it and will not be provided to third parties or recovered with other purposes.


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