Portada Francisco Sánchez Narváez 28/09/2022 DOI: http://doi.org/10.53436/D1A3P4M7 PDF HTML

Anxiety in teachers of basic education associated with the Educational Reform in Mexico


It is estimated that there is a significant proportion of teachers with emotional alterations or problems; several factors can increase this prevalence, these aspects can directly or indirectly influence the mental and / or emotional health of teachers. One of the most frequent psychological problems among teachers is job stress (JS) that is associated with different emotional disorders such as anxiety; on the other hand, the implementation of the Educational Reform (ER) has provoked different controversies from social, political, cultural to emotional that can influence the mood and mental health of teachers. This research aims to analyze the relationship between anxiety and the perception of difficulties in the face of educational reform in teaching work. The study involved 514 teachers from the Valley of Mexico, only 459 complemented the measuring instruments. The sample of professors who participated in the research was not randomly selected. Anxiety was assessed using beck’s Anxiety inventory and four specific questions were asked regarding teachers’ perception of ER. Teachers present greater demand and demand at work, less social recognition, teachers perceive themselves as worried, disappointed with respect to educational reform and these are significantly associated with anxiety. Educational reform is related to anxiety in teachers; greater demand and difficulty at work, and less social recognition are significantly linked to an emotional state of anxiety.

Keywords: Anxiety, Educational reform, Teachers, Job stress, Emotional disorders.