Portada Martha Patricia Téllez Rodarte 06/03/2022 DOI: http://doi.org/10.53436/W47V35ES PDF HTML

Youth school socialization and habitus in mall


This paper is part of the piece of research called The meaning of the exercise of symbolic violence: from the voice of high school students. This article seeks to explain how the school fosters socialization among the students, building their youthful life through the habitus of going to shopping malls. For its development, five thematic axes are proposed, the first, the school and youth life, the second, the social class of the young women of Texcoco; the third, habitus and students shopping in the mall; the fourth, mall, youth life and socialization habitus; and, finally, window shopping as a habitus of students. The theoretical proposal that supports the work is from the perspective of Pierre Bourdieu, where the habitus is constituted in the central part of the work. The methodological part considers the narrative biographical research, highlighting the life stories of the young female students. The results show that the habitus of the students is modified by their low social class to which they belong. The habitus of going to the movies, to computerized games, tasting food, strolling and window shopping, generate socialization in the students and, at the same time, stimulate exclusion among them.