Portada Eva Lilia García Escobar / Ivón Nohemi Olivares Morón / Cristian González Flores 06/03/2022 DOI: http://doi.org/10.53436/W3VE7S45 PDF HTML

Learning during the covid-19 pandemic. Perception of high school students


The covid-19 pandemic came to revolutionize the way of teaching education, the high school level was no exception. The analysis of the impact of distance education should not only be vertical, on the contrary, it should consider the experience of students, teachers and administrators, as tactical actors in the educational process. The purpose of this research is to show the perception of students of a high school campus about online classes. For this purpose, a descriptive qualitative research was developed through a questionnaire applied to a non-probabilistic sample of 127 students. The results show that 47% of students recognize that their learning is not affected by online classes and 9% improved. Likewise, 22% of students believe that their study habits have improved, while 44% consider that they have worsened in this regard. 64% prefer to return to face-to-face classes, mainly because they consider that they would understand the topics better when they are in front of the teacher (19%) or because there are many distractions at home (17%).