Portada Maribel Valdez Orihuela / Xiomara Rodríguez Mondragón / Yuritzin Vásquez Piña / María del Carmen Fuentes Aguirre 06/03/2022 DOI: http://doi.org/10.53436/SWE4573V PDF HTML

The role of the teacher in the face of the challenges of the pandemic, a study in the State of Mexico


In the scenario in which we currently find ourselves, teaching performance is questioned and devalued. Teachers, like everyone else, were surprised by the health emergency resulting from the covid-19 pandemic, however, they are constantly updating to be able to respond correctly to the new challenges that arise in the educational field. It has not been easy, because they live with uncertainty in the face of decisions that are made so suddenly by the corresponding authorities, which is why this leads to doubts about their teaching role in the face of the various modalities adopted in educational institutions; they wonder if their lesson plans, assessments, and instructional materials are properly structured. In relation to this, ICTs have been quite helpful, in these difficult times the Internet connection has become essential, although not everyone has unlimited access to it and not only that, the service has become unstable, due to the use massive that is being made of this. Therefore, a survey was applied to clearly identify the panorama of the role of the teacher in the challenges of the covid-19 pandemic in the State of Mexico in institutions of basic and upper secondary level, in order to be able to contrast the reality and contribute to the next strategies implemented in favor of an integral development of the teaching-learning process.