Portada Sandra Mancilla Sánchez 20/03/2021 DOI: http://doi.org/10.53436/60iG38p5 PDF HTML

Substantial elements of hybrid education in the fourth industrial revolution and the conjuncture with the health contingency


The objective of the present is to contrast the modality of hybrid education in the context of the fourth industrial revolution and the situation of the health contingency, since it is considered a feasible solution in the face of the disruption of technological advances and the COVID-19 pandemic in educational processes. In this paper (which is part of the first phase of a doctoral research) the substantial elements that make up hybrid education in the context already mentioned are contrasted, which have been extracted from an analysis of information and data with the use of the digital ethnography method applied to social network profiles such as Twitter, Facebook and personal blogs, as well as bibliographic references from the last five years. As a result of this study, the following elements will be considered relevant in the final design: appropriation of the concept of “hybrid education”, transmedia skills, digital skills, networking, ubiquity, development of conscious use of the Internet and didactic elements; each of them with sub-elements that are proposed as the reference framework of hybrid education.