Portada Sonia Yadira Águila Camacho 22/02/2019 DOI: http://doi.org/10.53436/Y417XLiu PDF

Education in colleges from today for tomorrow


This article aims to reflect on education in today’s universities and its projection in the future based on the evaluation of the American philosopher Martha Nussbaum and the French thinker Edgar Morin. Their proposals are taken into account, because with the concepts of World Citizenship and Planetary Era they already draw an idea about what is desirable for tomorrow’s education. In this paper, then, he analyzes what this implies for higher schools regarding the person they form and the society in which they make sense. The idea of thinking about the future in relation to the present is maintained in the text, which is why it concludes by mentioning the study by the affected authors, and it is also connected with some lines drawn by Unesco in documents issued since the end of the last century, thinking about the future scenario, in which the harmony between the different and the human fullness is transcendent, for which it is pointed out: training the individual as a citizen of the world or preparing him for the planetary age is fundamental for the education of the future.

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