Portada PDF Elvia Velázquez Fajardo / Ireri Báez Chávez / Laura Ramírez Jaramillo 23/02/2018 DOI: http://doi.org/10.53436/1b5sE92g

Psychopedagogy in education model of Bachelor’s degree in Primary Education


This work presents a descriptive-argumentative analysis of psychopedagogy in initial teacher training, immersed in the curricular mesh of the curriculum of the degree in primary education (2018). The absence of psycho-pedagogical training is emphasized in accordance with the objectives of basic education, oriented towards the development of competences with a humanistic perspective, for which reason it is questioned how to harmonize pedagogical attention without extensive psycho-pedagogical training. The training paths that organize the contents of the teacher training are mentioned and it is mentioned in which courses the psycho-pedagogical training permeates, in addition to the inclusion of English courses with a wide curricular extension, which do not correspond to the specialty. The content of the undergraduate training is contrasted, based on the psycho-pedagogical dimension and which could be covered in the curriculum with 108 hours of classroom work, in the learning and development course.

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